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IVR is a system with the help of which you can routine the inbound queries as well as set outbound notifications. For example: reminder for payment of EMI, reminder for appointments etc. It is used to collect the customer responses. To carry out surveys, collect information and you can also record personalized messages. You can also pre-record voice if you do not want to use your own voice. Professionalism is now made easy with the help of IVR service.

Bulk sms in Kolkata offers IVR service for all our customers. By using IVR service the interactions amongst the customers and the clients is made easy. IVR is also cost effective. The companies nowadays use ways which helps in cost cutting. By using IVR the time of the employees are saved because they need not attend the calls as the automated machine will transfer the call to the right department or executive from where the customers can take help. They can also get the answers to their queries by pressing the numbers as directed. The customers can get 24X7 assistance. Bulk sms in Kolkata is a well known service provider which will help you to collect the information within no time and satisfy your customers. Call us for further guidance.

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