Short Code

Short codes are 5-6 digit numbers which are used to receive responses from the customers through SMS that are used in campaigns. Short codes are so called because it is smaller than the usual mobile phone numbers. It is widely used service. If anyone is interested in reaching the customers with SMS marketing, short code is the best option to go with. The enterprises use it for different reasons like voting, poling, getting feedbacks, for promoting the products or services, letting the customers know about the offers or discounts etc. With the help of short code, the customers are able to communicate with the clients directly. By composing the message on the mobile phones and sending it to the5-6 digit short code the customers interact with the clients. The customers can get quick response. You can also use many sub keywords.

Short code is widely used marketing tool as it is very effective. Bulk sms in Kolkata offers short code service at a reasonable rate. Usually the short codes are advertised to customers by means of a medium like television ads, radio, print media, in-store or online. Short codes are also of two types: vanity and dedicated. Vanity short codes are assigned only for a single purpose only. On the other hand, dedicated short codes are used for the entire business and so it is shared amongst many users. Short code is a very effective tool to boost up the business which every person for the enterprise needs to know. If you are interested in taking your business to new heights call us now and cater our long code service. We will be happy to serve you.

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