Voice SMS

Voice SMS is useful for the enterprises as you can record the message that you want to convey to the customers and it gets delivered instantly. The marketers nowadays uses voice SMS as a means of promoting their products or services by reaching out to large number of audience. The voice SMS can also be customized and the sms can be sent in regional language to create a personal touch as the customers will get attracted by it. Voice SMS is the medium of high emotional connectivity between clients and customers. Voice sms helps you to automatically deliver the message to the customers whom you want to convey the message to. Bulk sms in Kolkata offers voice sms service to promote a new brand, events or convey any vital information to the targeted audience over the phone.

With the help of voice sms campaigns become strong. You can see that the number of mobile users is increasing day by day in the country and so voice sms will act as a strong marketing strategy to reach out to the customers and make them understand your points clearly. Bulk sms in Kolkata will never ask for extra charges as they will charge only for what you use. To know more about the voice sms service you can contact us.

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